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Find a lawyer within EU Law: The Lawyer Guide is a free guide helping you find a lawyers. We have around 240,000 registered profiles, complete with additional information including name, title, company, telephone, email, address , price and more. In search results, you'll find information about registered lawyers within EU Law. In total, there are 4 lawyers who work within EU Law at The Lawyer Guide, from 4 different law firms. These also work in other legal disciplines such as Tort law, Immigration Law and Complaint Many of the lawyers who work within EU Law also offer a free conversation about the case and potentially free legal aid (i.e. a free lawyer, depending on whether you meet the conditions for this or have legal aid insurance). This can save you money and provides extra security. The Lawyer Guide helps you find a suitable lawyer within EU Law by comparing thousands of profiles. You can read reviews from previous clients and share your own experiences. You can also filter the search results based on distance, ratings and price.